Gifts for me ^_^

Whoo! look at what Cheryl from Studio Dink sent me *_*. It's Saitou from Rurouni Kenshin as part of an art trade. Doesn't he look so smooth? eee...Trades are so much fun X3
Ahhh...Cell looks so sweet in this pic! X3..This was sent to me by Alex who ran a great Cell fansite (but unfortunately hasn't been updated in a while >.<) Thank you so much Alex!

This wonderful masterpiece of art was a gift to me by my buddy Ed, who is apparently now a SuperSaijin! Wow!

Ed wasn't satisfied with the last picture, so he sent me a remake of the same picture! I am truly honored. He even shaved! X3
This wonderful gift was given to me by Arkange through a Christmas Exhchange. Isn't she lovely? *_* I only wish he had a website to show off his wonderful art :o
Yeehaw~ Sasuke from Naruto, given to me by ss3goku for my site getting 100,000 hits *_*
Wow, even more gifts *^_^* This awesome pic of Vash from Trigun was given to me by Al Berardi in thanks for me making a ki tutorial a while back. I love Vash in his manga outfit! :D
Wow, yet another gift/trade from Cheryl, I am honored *_* She draws Kakashi so good too! *oogles hair* We've been on a Naruto kick, if you can't tell X3

Wonderful gift from "Jiyan Kun" of Kin from the Sound ninjas, thank you so much! ^_^

Shikamaru in all his beautiful, lazy glory! given to me in a trade by Baka-Neko! X3
I've been getting so many gifts lately, I feel so special ^o^. This great picture was given to me by Will :)
Yet another Naruto gift/trade! This time it's Sakura given to me by Mike/rockmanj from the gotwoot forums, which is where I get most of my Naruto gifts and trades from :)
Have you ever seen a better picture of Rock Lee? *_* This beautiful picture was the other half of a trade, given to me by the talented Chiko-Chiko :3
A gift from lady Fnnris! ^.^ I love the way see draws wings, and his wistful expression :3
Wonderful introspective Sasuke given to me as a gift/trade from the super talented Inori. Just perfect *_*


Gifts from me ^_^

This was a gift for my brother's compadre, Captain Spoon! He said no one ever draws Android 16 fanart, so here it is! X3 There's also an actual spoon hidden (kind of) in the background ^^;
This is Marth from the Fire Emblem games and is also featured in Super Smash bros Melee (love that game *_*)...It was a gift for my buddy Jeff from Banana Egoist, for winning the last kiriban. ^_^
Hiko Seijiro fwas my half of the Rurouni Kenshin trade with Cheryl. He's such a great/arrogant character! X3
Yet another trade with Cheryl! This time, we decided to both draw Kakashi from Naruto ^^
Gift for Ss3goku for getting the 100,000th hit! It's Zorro from One Piece, a show I really really want to watch ^^;
(Painter)   <squeak>*Naruto-Kun!*</squeak> Hinata for Nick! Gift for Nick..Hinata from Naruto acting typically shy and coy ;o
(Painter)   Kiba and Akamaru (the puppy!)  for Baka-Neko ^__^   Kiba hoodless (with Akamaru ^.^) as part of a trade with Baka-Neko :3
(Photoshop)    Zaku of the sound ninjas for Chiko!  Zaku of the sound ninjas for Chiko as part of a trade!! :3
Tsunade from Naruto as part of a trade with Mike ^_^
Gift for Al for getting the 111,111th hit ^_^
*new* Slightly older Sasuke as part of a trade with Inori ^_^