Name: Annie Navarro Hill

'New' Location: Virginia

Just a little FAQ:

Sorry, but I do not take requests. I would have way too many to keep up with if I did.

I do take commissions, however. The price depends on the complexity of the picture, so if you would like one, just email with an idea and I'll give you an estimate.

I can accept most forms of payment, including credit cards through paypal.( PayPal Verified ) ;)

If you want to use a non-Gundam image on your website, all I ask is that you ask for my permission first. I would like to see where they go ^_^. You cannot however, alter it in any way. If you wish to do so, give me reason.

The tutorials and gundam images cannot be used for any other website.

Send me a dumb forward, and I'll block you, Muahaha! >:D

Feel free to ask me for link exchanges
I think that's it. ^_^

Email address..When emailing me, please place all letters together with no spaces (I'm trying to avoid spam) :o

redribbonart @ yahoo .com