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Friends and other artists I like:

Awesome art...and updates frequently ^^   EK is teh bomb, yo
They're too good T_T   Link to Julie's ^^
Such dazzling colors...Kei is too good ;_;   (Japanese) Goodness! Will the cuteness ever cease!?
I lo this site *_*   Lex's site. Go here, I command you~ :O
One of my favorite artists,  the way she handles Painter is absolutely amazing   Real medium is yummy.
Naruto lover, YES   Hans is a Nintendo lovin' fool with more art than you can shake a stick at XD
Sparkly *_*   Chris's graphite work is amazing *_*
I love her strong lines and bold colors *_*  
  Laine has great taste in choosing what to draw X3
Beautiful, what more is there to say? ^_^   Chiko's  use of pencils and colors is amazing *_*
(Currently Down) Jen is my ninja' sista'   TQ, the gal with many talents *_*
THE site for all your kenshin needs! ^_~   I hope I can make models as good as Khan does ;_;
Rad style,  cool name ;)  
  (Japanese/English) Akira's site~Even more great Naruto art...looks like it came straight out of the manga^_^
Cute~! X3   Shrouded Cuteness..Tiffany has a great sense of lighting ^.^
Lots of Cuties and Catboys =^_^=  



More to come ^_^