Other Fanart

[Photoshop/Painter] Warlands pic that made it in the fanart section of the comic book ^^ [Photoshop] Duo Maxwell from Gundam Wing ^^ (Photoshop/Painter) Kingdom Hearts villian Ansem, created as a kiriban gift (111,111) for Al! Fanart of Kamiki's character Sabin ^.^ Another  picture of Sabin for 'Sabin' :3 Koyuki and Maho! One of my favorite couples from the (rather) obscure series, BECK Azumanga, yay!
Napoleon Dynamite in the style of Cromartie High!! (Creatd for Anime Insider) New Anime Insider image; Ghostbusters in "Burn Up" style! ^^ Yuki from the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya :3 >.> Puppy for Katie! Edward Elric ^_^;
Hmmmmm what cho lookin at! I love Kannagi's character design :3! Believe in me, who believes in you!!!!! Aisaka Taiga from Toradora! At first glance I thought it was going to be some run of the mill moeblob tsundere crap, but after the 2nd episode, I was hooked on a really thoughtful, cute, and dramatic story. :3 He's too much fun to draw >.>
A gift for my husband :B new          

Original Stuff

[Photoshop/Painter] just playing around with colors, like most of my original stuff ^^; {Photoshop] I what a clear sheath and sword like that :O [Photoshop] Howdy..er, what's behind yer back? >.> [Painter] someone spent too long in a tanning booth... [Photoshop] The sword sheath doesn't make sense, ah well XD Givin' the evil eye ~_^ [Photoshp/Painter] Evil "farmer" guy? (that's what my frined said X3)
[Painter] Tropicana  girl :B [Painter] I wasn't going to post it, but I like the skin too much ^^; [Photoshop] She be a pirate, arg! [Photoshop] A collaborative original character for a commission between Mark and me...mmm....chrome  :) [Painter] Having fun doodling a portrait :3 Sweet Samurai Yumiko! (For a Japanese Cinema class) ^_^;; A gitft for someone ^_~
A tribute to waiting :O Illustration for Cleaning Agency :) Illustration for Cleaning Agency :) garrrr! Persian Princess? Lok Out! O_O!
Original character Commission And where do you think you're going? - Commission Another original commission inspired by my trips to NYAF :3 new  

Here are my character designs and artwork for the convention, Anime USA

These are featured as covers for karaoke cds sold at Best Buy :3