(Painter/Photoshop)   Sakura from Naruto, being protective of her friends..Click again for larger size :3   (Painter/Photoshop)   Kakashi (alternate costume) from Naruto,  part of a trade with Cheryl of Studio Dink^^    (Painter/Photoshop)   Gaara of the sand from Naruto...if you couldn't tell, he's a bit of a bad guy ^_~ (click again for larger pic) (Painter/Photoshop) Sasuke being all angsty and alone and stuff :B (Painter)   <squeak>*Naruto-Kun!*</squeak> Hinata for Nick! (Painter/Photoshop)   Trying  to  add  a little more realism...I'm so sorry Kakashi, I made your leg bleed just so your compostition would look better ;_; (Painter)   Kiba and Akamaru (the puppy!)  for Baka-Neko ^__^
(Photoshop)    Zaku of the sound ninjas for Chiko! (Photoshop) Quickie coloring of a sketch made for a collaboration, with obligatory petals i nthe background :B Dosu of the sound nin, requested by Chiko n.n [photoshop] about time  drew naruto...although  sasuke's in there too ;] (Photoshop/Painter) yay~ Finally getting the hang of  painting ina a semi-realistic manner^^

(Photoshop) Shikamaru has quickly become one of my favorite characters ^_^ Click on pic for wallpaper size

(Photoshop) The "bookend" to the Shikamaru pic...I'll make a larger pic of both of them together  once I have access to my computer files again ^^;
(Photoshop) Gift/Trade for Inori ^_^ It doesn't take place during any part of the series, i jjust like painting the chunin exam forest X3 (Photoshop) Hyuga Neji...He kinda grows on you after a while :3 (Photoshop/Painter) Chouji and Shikamaru ^_^, you can find large, wallpaper sizes at www.narutofan.com [Photoshop/Painter]  I love episode 48 ^_~ [Photoshop] Haku! ^_^ [Photoshop] How can you not like Gai-?!   .gifs are fun ^_~ [Photoshop] Yet another attempt at realism, this time using Neji ^_^
[Photoshop] Kurenai needs more screentime ^_~ [Photoshop] You can never have enough Rock Lee ;3 (Photoshop) Finally, a group picture of all of Team Seven  ^_^ The naruto grls! whoo~this  one was a doozy to make! Rasengan! Grrr! Gaara~ X3~!
I like bad guys in solitude :O Time Skip Sakura :O I was not happy with the other picture of Sasuke ;p Another Itachi...Just messing around with color and light Older Naruto and Gamakichi    

[mouse over the image for a description]

A new series I've taken a big liking to that is still being aired in Japan.. fun to draw too :3


Kishimoto's Naruto colored cover scans (In cooperation with Inane)

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