(Photoshop) Himura Kenshin, at your service (Photoshop/Painter) Hiko sempai! A gift for Cheryl at Studio Dink ^^ (Photoshop/Painter) Sad kenshin from the ova ;_; (Photoshop) Saitou Hajime ifrom Rurrouni Kenshin is the coolest *_* (Photoshop/Painter) Sano from Rurouni Kenshin, the background was alot of fun ^^ (Photshop/Painter) The Wolves of Mibu  :3 (Photoshop/Painter) Click again for a larger pic for details ^^
(Photoshop/Painter) Shishio Makoto, the main villan for the kyoto arc...it's about time I drew him ^^; (Photoshop) Karou acting more feminine than normal ^^;. Cel stylin :3 (Photoshop/Painter) Soujiro meeting Kenshin for the first time ^_^ (Photoshop/Painter) I felt like drawing Soujiro looking more like himself ^^;; (Photoshop/Sai) Hajime Saito is the coolest character ever >.> I was drawing an original chracter, but then it turned into Kenshin from OVA :B new


Rurouni Kenshin, a great series written by Watsuki Nobuhiro ^_^