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Listed here are production cels and genga from Dragonball Z and Gundam Wing that I share with my brother...I've been actively looking and purchasing for over 5 years now, although I hardly ever buy anything, mainly because most of the time I can enjoy a cel or genga almost just as much in another person's gallery than if it were mine. Sometimes, however, I cannot pass up a good deal, hence the gallery ^___^;

Android 17 (Junanagou)

One of the only pretty boys in the entire show (you can count all of them on one hand :3). In this scene (from the Trunks Special), Junanagou is practicing a few of his driving skills on some unfortunate humans >:D


Prince Vegeta

My favorite new cel (Thanks Pudge! :3) Here, in one of my favorite episodes, Vegeta (after taken capture by Zarbon), escapes Freeza's spaceship, but not without stealing all of the dragonballs first :D


Android 17 (Junanagou)

In yet another one of my favorite episodes, Junanagou floats toward Piccolo to begin their fight (Cell saga).



Taking place in movie nine, Krillen is about to face off with a mysterious alien woman (Sangya). For such a small cel, it's pretty detailed ^_^


Prince Vegeta

Poor Vegeta >.< After Gohan turns Oozaru, Vegta tries desparately to cut off his tail. (click on picture to see all sketches involved).


Lady Une

Colonel Une (my favorite of the Gundam Wing females), talking to Relena at the end of the series. She wants Relena to have her revenge, because she has "lost her soul."


Heero Yuy

Not sure exactly where this takes place, but he's most likely fighting OZ in the later part of the series.


Wing Zero

This series of genga are of Heero piloting his gundam during the last sequence of the series, as Heero "rides off into the sunset", so to speak.. I almost hear "Just Communication" playing in the background ^_~ Click on pic for the full 20 sketch animation! ^.^ (667 K)

Yeah, yeah, I know it's a little small.... I used to have three more cels, but they were stolen ;_;


Wishlist for the moment...I know where most of them exist, I only wish I could afford them XB

Anything (genga, douga, or cel) during the Recoome VS Vegeta fight (my favorite fight ever)

Nicely drawn (mostly villan) cels from the earlier part of dragonball Z (17 and 18 included)

Metal Cooler cel...honestly, I would just like to see one *_*

A nicely drawn cel or genga of Saitou Hajime or Himura Kenshin

Naruto genga or reproduction

A non-cut off cel or genga of Spike from Cowboy Bebop

....I'm also willing to draw for cels ;D

That's it for now ^^
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